How to Make Quality Hay – Three Important Points

When it comes to livestock feeds preservation, one can never fail to mention haymaking. Hay is common and natural food for livestock, and so if you are looking forward to succeeding in your livestock farming business, you have to know how to make quality hay. If you follow the right process, you will end up with quality hay, and this will ensure increased production and a standard production curve. However, if you end up with low-quality forage, you will not only experience losses in your livestock business, you might even end up losing your livestock animals or perhaps sell them at a throwaway price for lack of feeds. This article will look at some basics when it comes to haymaking.

Harvest Your Fodder on Time

If you are thinking of making hay, then you probably have some fodder crops in the farm. It can be grass, and wheat stalk remains etc. Whatever it is, you need to harvest at the right time. The state of maturity determines the hay quality at harvest. Therefore, you need to know the right time to collect to ensure that you end up with quality hay at the time of feeding. You can always get advice for livestock experts in your areas or from livestock farmers who are experts when it comes to haymaking.

Buy Quality Net Wrap

Gone are the days when making hay required a massive storage unit for the hay bales. Today you can make hay bales and leave them on the farm without worrying about poor weather damages for as long as you wrap your hay bales using a quality net wrap. Net wrap is a unique baling product that has unique features that allow the bales to survive in the harsh outdoor environments without getting spoilt. For example, the net wrap has good water shedding properties, it is UV resistant, it is resistant to tear, and it is sturdy and durable. It means that the feeds are not only safe on the farm, but it is easy to handle the bales during transportation. Ensure that you are using a quality net wrap for the best results.

Use the Best Wrap

Besides buying a quality net wrap, you also have to ensure that you are using quality net Net wrapperwrapper machine. Not all wrapper can deliver, and that is why you have to ensure that you buy quality bale wrapping machine or hire one if buying proves to be uneconomical. With the best wrapper, you can be sure of fast wrapping and minimal tear and damage of the bales as you wrap. Also, read the net wrap manufacturers’ information to know which net wrapper machine is the best for the product you are using.