Types of Concrete Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is a form of structure that is created and designed to withstand the lateral pressure of the soil. Aside from soil land, the lateral force is due also to the pressure coming from the liquid, earth filling, sand and other granular material which is filled behind the wall after it’s constructed. These walls are vital aspects of structures which usually employs in the making of road paths such as hill roads and masonry dams, abutments and wings walls of bridges etc.

The kind of material thatwill be usingin the construction of the wall determines the site Retaining Walls Western Australiaconditions, sort of stuff to be retainingand height of the wall.There are four types of retaining walls that you should know to be able to choose the best retaining wall that will suit your need.

Cantilever Retaining Walls

The first type is the cantilever retaining wall. It is a well-known type of retaining walls Western Australia which constructs of reinforced concrete. It is composed of a relatively thin stem and a base slab. Its base is split up into two parts which are the heel and the toe. The toe is the part which is located under the backfill while the toe is the other part of it.It uses much lesser concrete than monolithic gravity retaining walls,yet it demands more design and extra careful construction.It is considered as generally economical as it reaches up to 25ft. in height.You can choose to precast it in factories or form it in site.

Counterfort Retaining Walls

This kind of retaining wall is like cantilever walls except that it has thin vertical concrete webs at regular intervals down the backside of the wall. These webs are known as counterforts.Counterfort binds the slab and base together, and the function of it is to lessen the shear forces and bending situations inflicted on the wall done by the soil. A secondary effect is to raise the weight of the wall from the added concrete. Furthermore, you must understand that the wall may be precast or formed on site.It is more economical than cantilever walls regarding height as it can reach above 25ft.

Gravity Poured Concrete Retaining Walls

One of the types of retaining walls Western Australia is gravity poured concrete, which relies solely on its weight and any soil resting on the pavement in resisting lateral earth forces. The wall is fundamentally economic up to ten feet high for cast concrete structures.It usually is sufficiently massive to be unreinforced and commonly shaped on site.

Semi-Gravity Retaining Walls

A semi-gravity retaining wall is aspecialised form of gravity wall. It has some tension supplementing steel included to lessen the breadth of the wall without the need for additional reinforcement. It is a blend of both gravity and cantilever wall designs.