Should You Remove Round Bale Net Wraps Before Feeding Your Cattles?

Farm owners and producers alike usually tend to keep the net wrap from the round bales while feeding their cattle. Although there is no alarming number of cases where cattle was compromised, injured, or killed, the fact remains that it could very well cause harm to the animals.

Net wrap is a distinctive and innovative way of wrapping and binding hay together. Accordingly, round bales are for cattle feeding, with the net wrap serving the purpose of preserving them and eventually avoiding quick spoilage. Today, round bale net wrap suppliers offer different options for wrapping, with a handful of different materials to choose.

Well, it does not matter what type of net wrap or if the bales are fed in whole or after grinding; the thing is many farm owners and producers still opt to leave the wrap on the bundle. So, why are they doing it in the first place?

The most common explanation is that removing the net wrap takes a lot of effort and is very time-consuming. It is true that removing the wrap from a small bale is easy and takes seconds. But if you have a handful of cows, it is safe to bet that you are not feeding them square bales. Removing net wraps from round bales which are significantly larger requires intensive work.

The truth is if you are one of those who does not remove the wrap when feeding, you usually find it lying on the ground after cattle is done eating. For the most part, you assume that the animals know it is not for consumption. However, there always is that risk of cows getting hungrier than usual, or perhaps they just become curious as to why you left the net wrap. As a consequence, they might be tempted to chew it in an attempt to satisfy their hunger or curiosity. When that happens, then you have a severe problem to handle.

Ask any round bale net wrap suppliers, and they will tell you the same thing; that their product is not intended for animal consumption. Net wraps, regardless of their material construction, are not edible. Unfortunately, you cannot immediately detect if something is wrong with your cattle once it ingests a net wrap.

Keep in mind that cattle cannot digest a net wrap. When ingested, it accumulates in the rumen of the animal. You know there’s an issue when the cow suddenly losses weight. The next sign is when it loses its appetite. There also are instances when the cow experiences diarrhoea, and the culprit is the net wrap that has been causing a blockage inside.

So, if you do not want to lose your cattle, commit to removing the net wrap in bales before you feed it to the animals. Even though it is a tedious job, think of it as a measure in protecting your investment.