Using Net Wrap To Preserve Silage – What You Need to Know

Today, many people already know the need to use the modern livestock farming methods and techniques to improve their products and also to make livestock business sustainable and profitable. Now, when looking at new livestock farming methods and strategies, one cannot fail to notice the modern animal feeds preservation methods. In the past, farmers used to struggle so much when it comes to animal feeds preservation. Not that they didn’t preserve enough, but their efforts were frustrated at the time of feeding when they realise that all that they preserved had gone bad and they do not have feeds for their livestock. Here is where the modern animal feeds preservation methods comes in.

One way to preserve animal feeds is through silage making. Making and preserving silage will ensure that you have sufficient feeds in case of drought. Also, you can as well sell the feeds to other farmers who are out of feeds for their animals. Therefore, by preserving or making silage for that matter, you will never go wrong nor will your feeds go to waste. But how do your preserve silage using the modern preservation methods? Otherwise, if you do not modernise your livestock farming business, you will end up making losses, and this also applies when you use the old methods to preserve your silage.

Now, by modern silage methods, I mean using silage wrap to preserve your silage. I am pretty sure you’ve heard of this product. However, if not, well don’t worry since this article will look at what silage wrap is, and what makes it unique compared to other silage preservation methods. Silage wrap is a plastic film that is used to wrap bales of silage. Instead of digging a silage pit, you use a silage wrap, and then you can preserve as much feeds as you want since the bales can be left on the farm which contrary to digging a silage pit. A silage pit might limit you the number of feeds you can preserve but using silage wrap will not, which makes it the best option for the large-scale farmers.

However, even as you think of buying silage wrap to ensure the success of your livestock farming business by preserving enough feeds, you should know that silage wrap comes in different quality. Therefore, when ordering your silage wrap, you should be sure to check the quality. For your information, you should be looking for a high performance 5 layer silage wrap product. Your feeds will remain safe under preservation and at the time of feeding, you will have nutritious feeds which means an increase in production. Other quality features include UV stability, tear proof, weatherproof, etc. You can only be sure that you’re getting quality silage wrap by buying from reliable dealers who are plenty in the market. All it takes is intensive research.