The Things to Look For in a Great Lawyer

law firms in South AustraliaWhenever you are forced to work with a lawyer for any legal issue or trouble you are in, your focus must be on finding the best one. While you can assume that all legal professionals possess the skills necessary to help you, the truth is not all of them are capable of fighting for your rights, whether it is in the negotiating table or an actual court trial. Great attorneys are hard to come by, especially if you do not know how and where to look. Although there are numerous law firms in South Australia to choose from, you cannot start your search if you do not know what to look for in a lawyer. Luckily for you, this article will serve as your guide.


So, what are the qualities you must focus on finding in a great lawyer?


1 – Good Personality


You cannot work with a lawyer who you do not like. Regardless of how experienced, skilled, or great the winning percentage of a lawyer is, if you do not get along or you hate his or her personality, it wouldn’t mean a thing. The most critical factor in an attorney-client relationship’s success can work with each other in a comfortable state.


2 – Transparent and Honest Fee Structure


Honest and dedicated attorneys work in law firms in South Australia with a strict policy in enforcing their fee structure. The money you spend in hiring a lawyer depends on the legal issue you are facing. Simply put, smaller disputes typically mean you do not have to retain the most expensive legal counsel. Before you agree to hire someone, be sure you ask about how they charge you. It can be by the hour or a flat fee arrangement. Be wary of those who offer outrageously low flat fees since they most likely will have additional charges later.


3 – Great Track Record


Before deciding on who to hire, put in the effort to do a lot of research about your prospects. You must focus on finding information about his or her track record. While you can learn a lot about them through an interview, they most likely will not tell you about past complaints, malpractice, or charges of misconduct. Through research, you also will learn about the times he or she won cases for clients and the times he or she lost. It will not matter if the lawyer has decades of trial experience if he or she has a losing percentage. An excellent track record means he or she was able to, at least for the most part, win a case or uphold the rights of the clients.


Finally, work with a lawyer who is available to take on your case. Do not choose someone who has hundreds of clients to attend to since you most likely will have to wait in line.