Types of portable air conditioners and how to maintain them

Some of the critical benefits of portable air conditioners are flexibility, effectiveness and cost-friendliness. An excellent choice of air conditioning will give you the comfort of a fresh home during summers for an extended period. Some air conditioning is excellent while others may not meet the desired features. You have to carefully make the right decisions to cut on recurrent costs associated with poor quality air conditioning. Another significant advantage of portable air conditioners is that you do not have to worry about installation costs. It is because no permanent installation is required meaning that they need very minimum setup and maintenance. There are several types of portable air conditioners. These are the following:

Single hosed units. These units vent out hot air through one hose.

Double hosed units. These units have two hoses. One removes hot air while the other brings in more air. They increase air circulation and bring a balance of pressure in the room.

Heat and cool units. These portable air conditioners have an added heat function. Heat is generated by exhausting cold air and blowing out warm air from the front of the unit. For effectiveness, it requires the temperature in the room to be at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dehumidifying units. These conditioners have the design with ‘dehumidifier’ mode which removes moisture while still cooling the room.

Evaporate portable air conditioning unit- This is more energy efficient than refrigerant style air conditioners and is mostly used in automobiles.

Refrigerated air conditioner portable – These are used on area floors. This type of AC technology is almost similar to the window air conditioner about coolant usage and size.

Maintenance of portable air conditioners proves to be a challenge for most people. Like any other machine, air conditioners need to maintained regularly so that they can remain useful for a longer time. One of the essential things that you always need to remember is that you have to empty excess water that collects in the container.

Some portable AC has a drain of systems that allow the excess accumulated water to drain off while others don’t. If your unit does not have one, always remember to empty the container regularly. Another important thing that you still have to do is to keep the air filter clean. The reason is air filters usually trap dust and other particles that need to be removed at least biweekly. When you clean the air filter, it is critical that you allow it to dry off completely.  Also, to increase the life expectancy of you AC you need to remember to clean the exterior as well as the location where you place the AC.