Things Checked during a Home Inspection

Home inspection teams are hired by people who are thinking about purchasing a new property. They will be able to inspect all aspects of the property to provide a full detailed report on its current condition. This article takes a look at some of the things a home inspector will typically inspect, and it also explains how you can find and choose a building inspection Melbourne team in your area.


A home inspection team will be able to inspect all aspects of the roof for any damage. If they do find problems with the ceiling, then they will provide photographs and more detailed information on the problem within the written report. Typical roofing problems include damaged flashing, buckling, blistering and shrinkage.


Inspectors can also inspect the exterior of your home. It can include observing the workings of the garage door and the garage opening systems, the cement and the areas around the home such as the lawn, driveway, and patios. The exterior of the walls will also undergo examination for any problems. The external report will highlight any problem areas and also make recommendations on improvements that can make the structure safer.


A full structural inspection will also take place. It can include inspection of the exterior wall construction, the roof and the ceiling framing, and of piles and grade beams. They will commonly inspect all visible structures within the house, and also make a note of areas they are not able to inspect due to it being hidden by insulation or other blockages.


The age and type of heating system will be rated based on its efficiency. The inspectors will also be able to give a failure probability rating based on the information that they got, and the current state of the heating system. They will also inspect the chimneys.


Home inspectors will identify the electricity voltage, as well as the electrical distribution system that is in use within the house. They can also test smoke detectors to check that they are functioning correctly.

These are just some of the areas that a building inspection Melbourne specialist will examine. You can contact a team for more details on the services that they offer. Alternately, their websites will often provide more information and have a sample of the type of report that they will provide to the homeowner. If you are hiring a home inspection team for the first time, then you will want to ask them a few questions to ensure that they are the right team for your needs. For quality inspection services, browse this site.