Tips to Purchase a Home Safe

Do you need a safe? Do you have no idea as to what safe you should buy? When shopping for safes Adelaide, you have to keep a few factors in mind, and below are six of them. Read on.

Installation location

Safes should be installed where you can access it without any problem. At times, people end up installing them in concealed locations, such as behind walls or doors. Make sure you choose the right location.

Solid doors and walls

The safe you buy should feature solid doors and walls. They should be sufficiently thick to provide the necessary level of protection. If it’s not thick enough, anyone can open your safe in a few minutes.

Ideally, the thickness should be at least ½ inch. It’s great if the safe is made of steel. Since steel is heavy and expensive, most overseas manufacturers wrap thin sheets of metal around different types of drywall to make it look like a secure safe.

The weight of the safe

The weight of the safe plays a great role as far as its protection from fire and burglary goes. Steel is heavy, and a safe with walls made of steel weighs a lot more than a safe made from insulation panels surrounded by sheets.

Concrete-based amalgamate weighs a lot because of its high density. The combo of high-density concrete amalgamates, and steel is hefty. In other words, if a safe is heavy, it’s a sign that it is a high-quality safe.

Drywall or fireboard fire safes

While fire safes made from drywall, fireboard or fiberboard make most of the safes found in the market these days, they don’t offer as much protection from fire as you need. So, you should go for real composite fire safes.

What is more important is that these safes offer fire protection at a fraction of a cost of an advanced burglary prevention systems. On the other hand, most of the fireboard type safes provide almost no protection from theft.

Entry convenience

You don’t want a safe that is not easy to open or close. By attaching an electronic lock, you can make it simpler to open the safe. Moreover, it will allow you to reset the combination system when required, and you won’t need a sequencing kit or a locksmith. As far as security and convenience go, nothing can be better than a quality biometric lock.

The price

Lastly, the price of the safe is also important. Usually, people think that pricey stuff is always high quality, which is no more than a myth. You will get what you pay for; however, in some cases, you can get quality stuff without spending a fortune. So, you should check out various types of safes Adelaide and then go for one that can meet your needs. You need not spend excessively to get a product can meet your needs.